Windings of the Moy Book

The Windings of the Moy Revisited is a photographic coffee table book produced by Pat McCarrick, photographer and owner here at the B&B.

The author of the original Windings of the Moy (1923) was Rev. James Greer. This new book however is principally a book of photographs; inspired and carried along by Greer’s original text. The original book contained only a few images, this new book contains many images and just selected excerpts from Greer. The combination of old text and modern images work very well to bring colour and new life to the Windings of the Moy story.

Pat says of the new book, It was a joy really to highlight something like the river Moy. It is of course a world-famous salmon fishing river but it has a great natural beauty as well and of course our B&B is named after the river also. Working with Greer’s text and capturing the images to match it, one hundred years later, proved to be a very rewarding project indeed.

My photography is the principal influence in this new book. Having the Ox Mountains and the source of the river at my back door, engendered a certain pride of place and urged me to create this photographic record while at the same time commemorating Greer’s original work.

The project highlighted to me the value of our region; beautiful and unspoiled. It was a bit like when we opened our home to guests; we began to enjoy the house a lot more. I now feel like that about the wider region where we live; I enjoy it a lot more!

The book is available online from or direct from the B&B when you visit!

Feature image: Moyne Abbey near the mouth of the Moy.

Image above: Original author, Rev. James Greer (1845-1929)

Opposite image: Front Cover