Landscape and Portraits

It can be fun to combine being a B&B owner and being a photographer. Photography has proved useful in promoting our accommodation business.

Right from the start I had planned to use the best images I could create to promote the business; whither on our website, on other booking platfoms or on social media. I had the idea of showing the place as well as I could but not over selling it either. There is nothing worse than showing up at an accommodation and finding it is nothing like the images that sold it to you in the first place.

It is also nice to refresh the images used and there is always opportunities; changing seasons or even changing the front door colour. Redoing the images is a bit like redecorating. It was funny in recent times when we changed our front door colour from red to yellow. Many of our former guests didn’t like the change and yet new arrivals commented how much they liked the yellow! Our local landscape is full of inviting images and I love to put them up on our Facebook Page to help entice visitors to our region and guests to Moy River.

Our old cottage has lovely early morning light that streams in through the lace-curtained window. It has proved great lighting for many portraits over the years. Often a travelling musician or a honeymoon couple will inspire a photo shoot before departure and it always proves a lovely connection; an opportunity to have a bit of fun, something to remember the visit and an invitation to return.

Food is another photography friendly subject because of colour and composition. We have found that popping breakfast on a plate can be a very creative opportunity and in like measure, an image of it can show perspective guests what lays in store in the morning.

Our unique selling points are that we are off the beaten track and we do things a little bit differently. So whither landscape or portrait, the photography has proved the perfect compliment to Bed and Breakfast!