House Concerts

Moy River Folk Club is a performance space at Moy River B&B. We host House Concerts from time to time, offering audience a close-up and intimate experience with local, national and international artists.

Our kitchen and living room space holds about 45 people. It’s too good a space not to use. It was designed for parties in the first place, long before the B&B idea came along. Like most things, we started not knowing how it might work but with a vision of how we would like it to be. It has worked and audiences love it; its homely while the entertainment is highly professional. Artists such as Charlie McGettigan, Kieran Goss, Tommy Sands and Mick Hanly have charmed audiences here and have given us very positive feedback on their experience. In addition to that we have had Mama & Fyrmoon, a bluegrass group from Switzerland, as well as a few homegrown gigs featuring the best local talent in our community. We also hosted a charity concert in support of a school and Rita and I support in Kenya. 

As part of the process, we offer the various artists accommodation in the B&B but we generally have a room or two left if you ever want to attend a concert and also stay to enjoy the complete Moy River experience. It will also allow you to breakfast with the stars!

Keep an eye on our  Facebook page for details of up-coming events or ask to be added to our mailing list. If you would like to perform at the Club, call us on 087 2512030.