First Wedding – Next Wedding

I did the photography at a friend’s wedding 40 yeays ago this weekend. It was my first wedding and my friend still jokes, it was his first wedding as well. In the coming weeks, after a long break, I will be doing another wedding. It sounds like a long time ago, but 40 years seems such a short time… looking back. 


I did many weddings back in the 1980s but almost none since then. For many years I did little photography – apart from what I did for pleasure. The 1980s was a time of recession and low incomes. Friends and neighbours would ask me to do the work to basically save themselves money in hard times. The boom years in between saw wedding photography reach new highs – both in terms of technical advances and in terms of expense. Strangely, as we steer our way through yet another recession, the more simple type wedding photography seems to appeal once again.

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